We’ll Take Care of All Your Needs.

Paper to Digital: A.M.I. offers experienced services in a number of areas. We utilize high-speed digital scanners from Bell & Howell, InoTec and Mekel. These high volume scanners are capable of thousands of document scans per hour.

Paper to MicroFilm/MicroFiche/Apperture Cards: A.M.I. has been providing Microfilming services for more than 3 decades. Both 16mm, 35mm and Jacketed Fiche.

MicroFilm/MicroFiche/Apperture Cards to Digital: Microfilm reader getting old and hard to service? Don't want to spend another $8,000 dollars on yesterday's technology? Convert your film to digital assets.

Document Hosting: A.M.I. can host your company's documents for easy search and retrieval. You can send your documents to A.M.I. via our FTP Server. We will index you documents based upon your searching criteria and place them on our exclusive user friendly web searching site.

Document Archives: A.M.I. has an easy to use, non-proprietary solution for archiving your indexed and imaged documents - AMI DocuSearch!

E-Books: A.M.I. can help you publish your next book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, with E-Books! Learn more about A.M.I.'s E-Book publishing.

FileBound: ECM (Electronic Content Management): Need help with a Document Management Solution? A.M.I. can show you the many benefits to a fully integrated Document Management Solution.