Paper to Microfilm, Microfiche, and Aperture Cards

A.M.I has over 3 decades of experience in paper to microfilm conversion. Microforms offer safe, cost-effective, long-term storage. A.M.I. can convert your documents into either 16mm or 35mm Microfilm or Microfiche, or Aperture Cards.

We use high quality film from Kodak and Agfa and High Resolution Planetary camera’s from Canon and Minolta. The operators review each filmed image for light, contrast, de-skew and overall image quality.

Our staff can produce archive-quality film and electronic archive-quality DVDs of your documents and projects.

Our Microform experts make it easy to perform large scale back file conversions, turning mountains of paper documents into useable microforms. The low cost of microfilm also makes it inexpensive to have multiple copies in offsite storage.

To keep your film in its best possible condition, it should be stored in a temperature and humidity controlled location.