Microfilm, MicroFiche, and Aperture Cards to Digital Images

Because document management changes over time, it’s important that your retention practices change as well. A.M.I. can develop a highly adaptive and scalable conversion solution for your business. We’ll work with you to implement a conversion of your microfilm into a digital format that is both easy to retrieve and use.

By letting A.M.I. scan your Microfilm today, you can preserve your documents in a format that will provide you with long-term digital archiving. These formats include: Tiff (tagged file format) and PDF (Portable Document Format).

The Tiff 6 format is the National standard for digital document archives as set forth by the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States. However, with the advent of the PDF/A (Portable Document Format/Archive), this new format is gaining acceptance among the Records Industry.

Once scanned, your images can be indexed and stored in one simple, easy-to-navigate document management system. They can also be archived to high quality DVDs for more permanent storage.

A.M.I. converts both 16mm and 35 mm film using the industry's highest quality conversion machines from Mekel. This new conversion machine allows the operator to adjust images for speckle, de-skew, contrast, and overall image quality.