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The Problem

A filing room full of file cabinets and documents. Finding the right documents is expensive. Misplaced documents cause service interruptions and cost you money. Plus old Microfilm readers are becoming obsolete.

The Solution

Alternative Micrographics Imaging. For more than 3 decades, A.M.I. has handled documenting needs for a wide variety of clients, including county court systems, hospitals, schools, and private organizations. Our services include:

  1. Document Scanning - up to 250,000 documents each week.
  2. Document Preparation for Digital Conversion to ensure the best quality image that your document can provide.
  3. Document Indexing using Kofax Capture, Digitech Paperflow, and proprietary software.
  4. Microfilm Conversions to Digital for easy access. We can handle Microfilm, Microfiche, and Aperture cards
  5. Book conversions to any Digital Format.
  6. E-Book Conversions for today's electronic book readers.
  7. 35mm slide conversions to digital images.
  8. All services are completed to industry standards in open formats. Nearly any image that you need, we can produce. You will never be tied to proprietary software.
  9. All digital conversions are completed to the "Western States Digital Imaging Best Practices".



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