Document Hosting

A.M.I. has a sophisticated document hosting facility. You can retrieve your valuable business documents with our A.M.I. Web View system. This easy-to-use, browser-based retrieval system uses a SSL (secure socket layer) connection to encrypt the data transmission of your documents to your desktop.

As an added feature, the documents are transferred to you in a PDF file format that is easy to open and browse. For an added security measure, we have ensured that transmitted files are never cached on public web server’s en-route to your desktop.

To access your documents, we require that your static I.P. address is recorded and validated within our system. Purchasing servers, storage arrays, routers, storage software and backup systems is very costly. You also need to consider the costs of a data room, server racks, power, heating and cooling costs. You can eliminate those extra expenses with A.M.I

Our Document Hosting application is so easy to use that training takes only a minute or two on your personal computer.