E-Books are here!

Convert your books and manuscripts to E-Books

A.M.I. can help you get published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble with the conversion to today's popular E-Book formats. We can take your existing book(s) and scan them or convert your electronic manuscript to any of today's popular electronic formats.

If you are converting a paper book, A.M.I. will scan the pages to a 300d4pi Tiff 6 image. Once the pages are converted to images, we will convert the imaged text using Omnipage Optical Charactor Reconigition software.

Once converted into editable text using Omnipage our editors will completely format the pages and clean up any missed charactors or word wraps. This is a very important step to ensure your book looks and reads the way you intended.

After editing, your book will then be converted to the popular MOBI or Epub formats for uploading to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Now you are ready to sell your books!

Popular E-Book Readers: Kindle, Nook, PC, Android, & Ipad