A New Way forward to Archive and View Documents

The Problem

  • Archiving your files on DVD's so that you can find them and retrieve them when you need access to the files.  

  • Expensive software programs and maintenance fees to index, search and view your files.

  • Proprietary software and images that cannot be transferred to new media and storage devices.

The Solution


  • Searchable DVD and Indexing System

  • A Non-Proprietary system for archiving your images and indexing data.
  • We will place your scanned and indexed images on our exclusive searchable DVD indexing and viewing system.

  • This system allows you to use a standard Windows computer to search for and view your converted images.

  • Using our indexing DVD you can quickly locate your files and determine which one of your many DVD's contains the images you are looking for.

  • Standard Tiff 6 Images and CSV Indexing files can be easily imported to a Document Management system or transferred to new media or storage devices.


  • Convert your old Microfilm into Searchable DVDs
  • Convert your paper files and documents into searchable DVDs
  • Use your standard computer for viewing and printing your converted Microfilm.
  • Don't repair or replace that old and expensive Microfilm reader!  Go Digital
  • AMI-DocuSearch 

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